SmiPack S560NA


Model: S560NA

Price: POA

SmiPack S560NA

The S series of L-sealing hood packers represents the ‘core product’ of the SMIPACK range and can be used for industrial applications such as:

    • Sealing and heat-shrinking in a single operation.
    • Production capacity of up to 900 packs/hour.
    • Sealing using a Teflon-coated blade.
    • Packing level and support reel are independently adjustable according to the size of the package.
    • An automatic work cycle, continuous cycle sealing system (the automatic lowering of the sealing arm can be programmed at intervals of time) – sets the work pace for the operator. Or lowering the sealing frame using a button.
    • Automatic expulsion of the pack made, using a motorised mesh (doubling the productivity of a conventional hood machine).

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