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Infia Trayliners

Types of Trayliners

  • Round fruits (apples – peaches – tomatoes) R = Reversible
  • Pere Williams – Kaiser
  • Abbot Pere
  • Pere Decana
  • Pere Blanquilla
  • Kiwi

INFIA manufactures tray liners that adapt to the shape of the main varieties of pears. It counts on a range tray liners for different varieties of pears: Williams – Kaiser, Abate Feter, Decana, Blanquilla, as well as for other fruits like kiwi, round fruits (tomato, apple, peach, …).

All of them are available for different sizes of trays and sizes of fruits.

A tray liner means to keep the quality of the fruit and a more attractive presentation!

Fast and Efficient Delivery

Together with our Italian partners Infia Srl, Infia UK is committed to providing both fast and efficient delivery and service as well as the highest quality packaging at competitive prices.


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