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Infia Punnets

Real Lateral Ventilation

The side ventilation holes are placed in the middle-high part of the basket, thanks to a drilling technology developed by Infia. These particular side holes have two advantages:

  • Inside the pre-cooling cells, the airflow has a horizontal (non-vertical) motion. The efficiency of the side ventilation on the sides of the basket is better than that offered by the traditional holes placed on the bottom.
  • The pressure of fruit on the top of the sides of the basket is very low and does not cause damage during transport from the places of collection, packaging and storage to the supermarket counters.

Ventilation is “real” because the holes are placed in the middle to upper part of the basket, and not in the lower part, as according to standard vertical drilling technology. This involves real lateral ventilation that protects the product from possible transport and storage damage.

Heat-heating Containers with Lateral Ventilation

Side ventilation is of paramount importance in heat-sealed containers. The side holes allow a better elimination of condensation, thus helping to improve the shelf life of the product. They also allow you not to have to use micro-perforated films, thus allowing considerable savings in economic terms.


Absorbent Pad

Handle Recycling

Bubble Pad

Track and Trace


HQ Print Solutions, High-Quality Printing Direct on baskets

lnfia boasts the world record of packaging manufacturer able to offer a high-quality full-colour printing solution directly on the surface of the basket. This next-generation technology allows customisation and promotion of our customers’ brands and brands that is unmatched on the market.

  • It does not add additional plastic materials to trays unlike other technologies such as heat transfer, sleeves, bands, etc., with advantages in terms of costs and environmental impact.
  • It maintains the technical characteristics of unsympliability and healthiness of the tray.

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