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Infia is committed to ongoing research and development of innovative solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of production processes. Its plastic packaging already makes a significant contribution to sustainability by reducing food waste. Thanks to the new “F” side ventilation system, fruit and vegetables have a longer shelf life.

By working with our customers, large retailers, government institutions, non-profit organisations and entities involved in environmental sustainability, the reduction of waste and recycling of materials, we are striving to consistently make improvements in the performance of our products. To our customers, our commitment becomes a guarantee of respect for four main objectives:

Reduction of Food Waste

  • Shelf Life of produce – if we talk about fruit and vegetables, the performances of packaging are determinant for preserving produce for a longer time, thus reducing the amount of food bought but not eaten.
  • Infia punnets with “F” side ventilation are an example of our commitment in this direction keeping the fruit and vegetable fresher for longer.
  • Infia punnets feature an innovative side ventilation system called “F Concept”, allowing for a 25% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during the pre-cooling phase of fruit and vegetables. 
  • All Infia punnets are now 100% recyclable.

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Sustainable because...

  • Recycling prevents end-of-life plastics from ending up in landfills or incinerators, it brings benefits in terms of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less use of raw materials.
  • The European Commission’s guidelines on waste management put recycling in third place among the community objectives to be pursued for the correct management of post-consumer packaging, immediately after prevention and reuse. This summarizes the general approach to be adopted to minimize the quantity produced and maximize the recovery of materials and energy, in order to obtain the best overall environmental result.
  • It replaces virgin plastics avoiding environmental impacts related to extraction and refining.

At the European level, the Plastic Strategy has recently been defined, which lays the foundations for promoting the circular economy by placing the recycling and reuse of plastic materials at the center of attention (Plastic Hierarchy).

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