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Kit Line

Infia Kit Line

Improvement of Shelf-Life Infia has created and developed a new side ventilation system called “F concept”. The proper aeration of the tray allows for more rapid pre-cooling of the produce, thus slowing down the ripening process of the fruit and ensuring a longer shelf life. The holes on the side also permit the escape of ethylene vapours, which are naturally produced by the fermentation of the fruit.

Today this extraordinary concept is a standard packaging solution for grapes, strawberries and soft fruit. In case of heat sealing, it is sufficient to use standard film instead of macro/micro perforated film, with considerable savings in cost. SIDE VENTILATION Advantages for growers / exporters:

  • 25% faster pre-cooling leads to greater productivity of the packing-house.
  • More rapid pre-cooling means rapid stoppage of the ripening process and, consequently, a longer shelf-life.
  • 25% savings on energy. Advantages for importers / supermarkets:
  • 25% less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere equals smaller carbon footprint.
  • Reduction of ethylene emissions, leading to a longer produce shelf-life.
  • Reduction of water vapour. Now it’s available on models: K28 – k30 – K36 – K37 – K62 – KIT501 (on many more articles shortly)

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