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All Your Thermal Ribbon Needs Tied in a Bow

Thermal ribbon is used in thermal transfer printing. The printing system has three elements; ribbon, substrate and printer. It works by melting the ink from the ribbon onto a substrate.

The transferable ink has three classification:

  • Wax – which is nonhardy and is used in most all-purpose marketing and printing companies. Also, it comes in standard and premium options.
  • Wax-Resin – this is a durable ink, that can be used in horticulture, lumber and pharmaceutical industries. It is UV and water resistant and can stand rough handling.
  • Resin – is highly durable; it is resistant to abrasion, heat, steam and various chemical. It can be used in automotive, electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition, some of the ribbons we offer come with a feature called ‘Clean Start’, a print head dust cleaner, that is built into the ribbon. Clean Start helps to aid a common problem that thermal printers have, the build-up of dust, dirt and other contaminants that thermal printers can generate and attract. Other problems that can happen are;

  • Ribbon Snapping
  • Uses of the wrong ribbon material
  • A Worn Print Head

To name a few. GSH are happy to help with any problem you have with your ribbon and give advice on how to sort it.

Thermal transfer printing is reliable and low maintenance. As well, it can be applied in a wide range of on-demand printing applications. GSH offer the highest quality, premium thermal ribbons that are thoroughly tested to ensure the best possible printing results for all applications. GSH ensures that you receive the correct product for your application.

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