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New to The GSH Group: Tape!

From June 2021,

The GSH Group are proud to announce our new product lines within the tape category. Tape is a product with a variety of applications, such as; sealing boxes, marketing, warnings and security. Not only are we able to supply standard packaging tapes, but we are also happy to announce an installation of a printing tape machine at our sister company JMC. We can now offer fantastic quality printing tapes at great prices.

It should be noted we are offering of BOPP, Vinyl PVC and Paper Tapes. We will have the perfect solution to meet your needs.  As well as a variety of adhesives which include acrylic, low noise acrylic, hot melt, solvent, freezer adhesives and starch. However, low noise acrylic only works when it is unwound slowly. If not, then it can be louder than the noisy acrylic.

Now, the Design/Artwork;

Positive -

White/clear/coloured tape with a colour design printed onto the tape.

Reverse -

Coloured background with a white or clear design

Flood Print -

Flood coated, refers to any coating that covers the entire surface of the substrate, with a top design

Top Coat Varnish -

This is usually used on floor tape


However, designs may be limited due to the printing process, this is because small text or intricate design can lead to the ink smudging or bleeding.

Not sure which tape is for you? Not a problem. Call now or complete an enquiry form and one of our tape specialists will be happy to assist you.

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