Edale FL3 Printing Press

In March 2020 GSH had the Edale FL3 Flexographic Printing Press installed to join their other existing capacity. This press continues to open more doors to other industries and opportunities. GSH’s FL3 Flexo Press is a State-of-the-Art label press. Which has numerous advantages over other Flexographic printing machinery.

The installation specification included a number of attributes chosen specifically to increase efficiency and reduce Health and Safety risks. As well as many others, these include:

  • EZ Die die-cutter system, which reduces changeover time and removes the need to lift the dies into and out of the machine.
  • EZ Reg system, which has increased accuracy and stability over a normal auto-reg system.

Along with increased Web Width, the new Press is much wider than our current machinery, allowing a 430mm web. Which gives us increased capacity, more efficient material usage and reduced running hours.

Other attributes includes the ability to run,

  • challenging recyclable materials utilising the chilled rollers
  • materials up to 450 micron
  • faster, up to 200m/min. Making use of the operational efficiency of the Servo motors

Operations manager Andy Russell said:

“We needed the extra capacity and flexibility of a more up-to-date machine for diversifying our product range. At the moment, where we go is an open playing field and we will be investigating different markets to see where the best opportunities lie.”

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